Discovery Planning and Consulting
LIM management bring their decades of litigation experience when assisting you with case assessment.  Our discovery expertise will help your team not only in developing a realistic litigation budget to better gauge the value of a settlement, but also in working with your clients to ensure that a defensible litigation hold process is established, or in the event of huge data sets, by conducting an evaluation of ediscovery vendors.  Remember, a case strategy is not a discovery plan.

Consulting on Document and Case Management Systems
LIM will help you in making the best decision for your specific case regarding the most appropriate and cost-effective document management system.  LIM can also assist you with selection and development of a case management system customized to meet your needs in managing correspondence, pleadings, reference materials, case history and status, discovery analysis, witness information, deposition and hearing transcripts, as well as counsel directories and certificates of service.

E-discovery Processing and Consulting
Simply put, LIM’s e-discovery department takes your electronic documents through pre-discovery analysis and filtering, processing only the relevant records. In addition to extracting and loading metadata for our clients, our technical analysts are also available to provide e-discovery support for your firm, giving you the option to handle some e-discovery processing in-house.

Professional Review and Analysis
LIM’s teams of highly skilled paralegals and attorneys are available to review and summarize any type of document:

  • Privilege Reviews
  • Issue Driven Reviews
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Medical Records Analysis
  • Claims Analysis

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Ongoing Data Maintenance & Document Production(s)
The more a database is used, edited, and accessed the less uniform and reliable it may become.  Our database professionals are available to assist clients in establishing a routine maintenance schedule to monitor usage and normalize data to promote greater accuracy and certainty in identifying documents.

Our staff routinely assist clients with creating production sets during discovery, arbitration or responding to public records requests.

Evaluation, Implementation, and Training on Legal Support Software
LIM’s technology team can provide these services on-site or at our offices. We are experts in the use of many legal support applications. Contact us for the software applications we support.

Temporary Legal Staffing
LIM can provide you with contract attorneys and paralegals for any type of legal project on or off-site. We can also provide you with a legal secretary or project assistant.

Electronic and Web Repository Services
LIM can provide you with a secure electronic storage facility, which, if needed, can be connected to the Internet. Scanned documents can be converted to a web format and stored in a web repository. You are provided with a security code allowing instant Internet access to images of the documents for use in depositions, motion practice, and trial. This service can also be used for archiving or combined with our document management or document coding services.

Document Copying and Imaging
LIM provides a broad range of basic document management services including copying (oversize, color, and rush services), imaging, and bates numbering.

Indexing, Objective and Subjective Document Analysis and Coding
LIM can analyze your document production to provide a case specific database that describes relevant content of documents, allowing you to quickly organize, search, and locate key documents. Also, LIM can be your document management architect. We can evaluate, design, create and implement an entirely customized document management database for our clients.

Consulting on Trial Presentation Systems
LIM can assist you in the selection and implementation of an appropriate trial presentation system, whether it is a simple PowerPoint slide-show or a more complex multi-media display.

Hard Copy Archiving
LIM can provide long-term physical document storage for all your business and legal documents. You maintain full access to your documents through our staff of legal professionals. Your documents are securely stored and protected by a state of the art security system. Archiving your documents with LIM becomes a secure, trouble-free and cost-effective choice.