A Comprehensive Review Strategy

LIM works on cases with a few thousand records, up through matters with well over a million.

Case Assessment

LIM approaches each case by working closely with our client to develop a thorough analysis of the likely sources of information, designing a process that supports the most cost-effective and directed review.

Early case assessment allows us to assist clients to define the scope of the project so that we review only what’s necessary.

Project Management

The successful approach to document review rests on the foundation of superior project management throughout the review. Our professional review teams are trained and supervised at our secure facility, and documents are never sent overseas.

LIM Project Managers track and project reviewer rates, maintain project logs, and coordinate client communication with the review team, ensuring optimum review productivity.

LIM review teams are built around the nature of the case, matching the legal, linguistic and technical expertise of our professionals to each project. Our talented legal staffing department carefully selects the attorneys and paralegals from our pool of experienced reviewers for each case.

Quality Control

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a quality work product utilizing integrated quality control measures throughout the review.

Our QC processes include detailed statistical analysis of individual reviewers against the project median, keeping the project on-track and on-budget.

Project Managers utilize LIM customized and tested database technology ensuring consistent document decisions among parent-child relationships, within email threads and between identical documents.

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